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Tall Embossed Bottle Grey 28 cm

Tall Embossed Bottle Grey...

SKU Code: SM33342


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Short Embossed Bottle Grey 16 cm

Short Embossed Bottle Gre...

SKU Code: SM33304


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Origami vase Grey 19 cm

Origami vase Grey 19 cm

SKU Code: SM33465


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Embossed Bottle Grey 650ml; 19 cm

Embossed Bottle Grey 650m...

SKU Code: SM33588


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Embossed Bottle Grey 700ml; 34 cm

Embossed Bottle Grey 700m...

SKU Code: SM33526


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Embossed Bottle Grey 500ml; 24 cm

Embossed Bottle Grey 500m...

SKU Code: SM33557



Welcome to Fanel



Fanél was established in 1972 and is dedicated to providing high quality restaurant and catering equipment via it's Food Services Division, to a broad spectrum of customers nationwide.  In the pursuit of diversity, we also provide a vast variety of Glass and Giftware to a broad spectrum of retailers and wholesalers.   Our Decor Plus Division focuses on the decorating of glass through highly specialised techniques and processes.

Fanél is a proudly owned third generation company and we embrace the values that drive service excellence. 
Through respect for one another and distinguished customer service we strive to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers.

Through strategic investment, we endeavour to remain highly competitive thus keeping our customers at the hub of our organisation.  By way of sound financial governance and acumen, we continue to accelerate the growth of our business and ensure its existence into the fourth generation and beyond.



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