About Us


Fanél was founded in 1972 by a sweet Afrikaans lady, Nellie van Eeden who sold glassware in her garage at home. Soon thereafter, her husband, Faan van Eeden, decided to quit his day job and join in to pursue his wife’s dreams. And so Faan and Nellie joint their names together and the company with the name Fanél was born.

Fanél is a proudly operated third generation company dedicated to the highest quality of customer services, delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, passion and personal pride within the Fanél spirit.

In the pursuit of diversity, we provide a vast variety of glassware, kitchenware and giftware to the hospitality, kitchen architecture and interior industries via our retail and wholesale channels.

Our diversity continued by the addition of an inhouse branding and printing division which focuses on glass, ceramic and cutlery branding throughout our range.

Within our branding division, we have become the experts in the industry by using only the best techniques and processes and thereby earning the credibility of one of the top branding companies in South Africa

As per our company’s mission statement, we strive for customer service and to exceed their expectations to win their trust and loyalty.

Through respect for one another and distinguished customer service we strive to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers.

Through strategic investment, we endeavour to remain highly competitive thus keeping our customers at the hub of our organisation.  By way of sound financial governance and acumen, we continue to accelerate the growth of our business and ensure its existence into the fourth generation and beyond.